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I'm looking for a "home sized" firewall for my home.  I've been using a Sonicwall TZ105 for years with no problems but I understand that they are going to end support for this device soon.  Dell, of course, acquired Sonicwall a while back and looking over the offerings that they have now I may be looking at $500 ish for something comparable.  Any other decent options or do I just need to do it?
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Just keep it simple, continue with Sonicwall (since you understand it already, and this one probably won't give you problems for years also). The TZ300 might be in your price range.

Higher specs, for a lower price, try Draytek Vigor 2960 or 2952.
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Or try a Cisco RV series.  I use a Cisco RV325 here (345 is now current)
Depending on your interest and abilities, you may want to consider PFSense software.  There are versions to run on all sorts of hardware (I try to find small i5 boxes, usually about $150 used) and has most features that you'd expect from a good firewall.  There are free add-ons from a variety of people to add even more features.

If you have a spare computer lying around and can add a second Ethernet port (I buy Intel quad cards for about $25 on eBay), it may be worth a try.
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After reviewing PFSense, and asking around locally, I'm going to give this a try since it's for me personally.  In my case, I would not use a client for an experiment, but I have plenty of hardware lying about that should handle it. Thanks for all the response!


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