ManagedBy info is not replicated in O365

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I have a mail distribution group in on-premise Exchange server: DG-AdminTi

That email is managed by a mail enabled universal security group: SU-AdminTi

Both accounts are synced to O365 by AD Connect.

The problem is when check the OWNERS of DG-AdminTi in O365, I don't see SU-AdminTi
If I change the ManagedBy of DG-AdminTi by a user which his mailbox is migrated it works.

It looks like ManagedBy info is not replicated in O365 for On-Premise mail enabled security group. Why is that?
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It is actually replicated, you can find it as part of the default "In from AD - Group Common" rule, and in the other connector "Out to AAD - Group ExchangeOnline". However the OWNER attribute is different from ManagedBy. So make sure you are looking in the correct place. As in, look at the data from the Exchange Admin Center or PowerShell, not the O365 portal. The latter has some stupid UI design, which accounts for the new "modern" Groups, thus it shows a different attribute.


As my Distribution List is an object from on-premise I did the managedby change from on-premise AD.

If ManagedBy is a user mailbox it works but if I change for Mail Enabled Universal Security Group it gives me an empty value:

ManagedBy                              : {}
OK I see what the problem is. My DL is sync from on-premise to O365 so in this case the ManagedBy user can just be changed from ADUC.

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