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O365 - Dl that only contains external email address

O365 - Trying to create the equivalent of a Dl which will contain just external email address.

Can't use a DL or 0365 Group as I would then have to create a contact in O365 for each external email address.

I have one DL setup with external emails address and I did it by creating a user (which of course needs an O365 Licences) and with in the account, under contacts setup a group, which I was then able to add external email address to, without having to setup a contact for that external email address.
So other users in the organisation can add/delete/edit the list of email address in that list, I added a security group to the contact group.  (Hope that all makes sense)

Trying  to determine if there is a better way to do this.

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I'm not sure what you said you created but you will have to create an DL and also create the external email contacts and add them to the DL. Not sure what you are saying you did to circumvent that process but I doubt it works, though I didn't understand your work around.
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Thanks Vasil for pointing me in the direction of Public Folders.
It appears to have done what I was after without requiring an O365 License