Where can I download Windows 7 Pro (32 Bit) ?

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I purchased an old Dell i3 PC where the OS had been wiped.
It has a Windows 7 Pro license sticker.

Where can I download a Windows 7 Pro (32 Bit) ISO?
It's not available here ... https://tb.rg-adguard.net/public.php?lang=en-GB

Is the Dell Product Key of any use?
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PeeterBIT Support Tech

Try this link to Microsoft site (I haven't gone all the way through the download ... but, looked promising ?)
Follow these steps to download Windows 7
Scott SilvaNetwork Administrator

You can always call Dell and see if they have recovery disks still available. I don't think you will be able to use the key on the sticker since most Dell Windows 7 PC's were bulk activated with bios locked OEM os .
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

The issue may be that some OEMs use unique keys that don't match the retail version. So give that link a try first. Otherwise you may have to contact Dell.

The other option since you have a key is might be able to use a Windows 7 media from another Dell since the media itself is not licensed.
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If you try to use Microsoft's download site you'll probably get Error Message Code 715-123130 as The download site will recognize you are using an OEM CoA Product Key.

You should use the Dell Service Tag and go to Dell's OEM download site - this involves using a working PC to create an installer

The Dell site will offer you ONLY the operating system that was supplied with the PC so if in its previous life this was supplied by Dell with a downgraded OS you might find you aren't offered an OS image as Win 7 is the earliest available.

If anyone is concerned about the validity of buying and old OEM PC and reinstalling the Operating system you might want to look at a reply from Eric Ligman at Microsoft from 2008 which has never subsequently been challenged
EirmanChief Operations Manager


That didn't work Peeter - I'll try the Dell Site
PeeterBIT Support Tech

@Eirman ...... ah! Ok, that settles that question then, thanks for feedback .... and Best of Luck with Dell Site ....
PeeterBIT Support Tech

I was just going to post a link ...... but I see that MASQ has already done so .... well done .... and MASQ deserves the credit ...

( in case you have any problem I just noticed my link has  ie/en/iebsdt1  in it .... so probably the mirror for Ireland ... here it is, just in case )
Need to reinstall your PC's operating system?

On completion of install of this SW I get this interface ..... which looks promising ....
Screenshot of Dell recovery Tool
EirmanChief Operations Manager


Thanks for all the help.

I entered the service tag into the Dell OS Recovery Tool and everything went okay until the very last second
of writing to the USB .... It froze on one second remaining .... I left it for 30 minutes ..... no joy.
Ditto with a second USB stick.

I did however try the USB stick .... it booted up and started to install Win7
but it stopped at circa 30% looking for a driver  #@¬!$&)(!!
In frustration, I downloaded a win7 Pro ISO from an unofficial source.
The installation went fine but it would not accept my Dell 25 Character product number.
(Probably an OEM conflict/problem)

So, in further frustration, I, in good conscience, used an unofficial means of activating Win7.

Everything is working fine now including the legacy 32 bit software I needed to run.
EirmanChief Operations Manager


The dodgey setup didn't work out that well, so this ii what I did.
I found the ISO here ... Application Data/Dell.
I created a bootable USB with rufus - - - no joy.
I created a bootable DL DVD --- that worked (I didn't even have to enter a serial)

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