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Adaptec is showing 2 drive arrays using same drives. I need it to just be one

Had a glitch this morning with our raid 5 array.  I resynced the array and said all was good but now there are two exact array using the same drive.  I fear if I delete one it will delete both.  Its an adaptec drive array controller.  I have vmware on the server and its not seeing the config to boot correctly because of the ghosted array.  Any ideas.
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I think it will be more of a challenge when you need to rebuild an array. Is it possible for you to post a screenshot?

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not sure why it flips my images?
there are only 4 hard drives in this computer.  So its like they are a ghost array that is exaclty the same.
after doing some research maybe I need to figure out how to download and config the command line interface?
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