Accessing shared mailbox issue using Outlook 2016

bominthu used Ask the Experts™

We have exchange 2013 and Outlook also 2013.

When user try to access shared mailbox using 2016, it gets error as attached, as work around, user use Webmail to access shared mailbox.

But there is no issue if it is Outlook 2013.

Can anyone suggest what could be possible cause/solution?
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Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010

- Make sure same email address policy is applied to shared mailbox which applied for mailbox.
- Make sure your autodiscover records are properly resolving.

If above settings are proper then remove full mailbox permissions once and re-add them.


Hi  Shreedhar Ette

Same email address policy is applied to all mailboxes.
Autodiscover is working fine.

Basically everything is working if it is Outlook 2013 or older.

The issue only with Outlook 2016.

Any suggestion?

Did you add the shared mailbox as a second account in Outlook or as a second profile?  It really ought to be a second account using the same profile and maybe even have its own data file.
jrhelgesonSolutions Architect

It appears you are accessing two mailboxes configure to use the same .ost cache file name.  I would turn off message caching for the shared mailbox, or turn off caching for both mailboxes then re-enable them.  You need the shared mailbox to use a different cache file name.

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