Laser Cutting - Engrave then cut outline. Easy method?

Madison Lowry
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When laser cutting, if I want to take an image and engrave the details and then cut out the outline what is the easiest way to accomplish this.
To my understanding, I can use Corel Draw to convert to bitmap then delete all detail to leave only outline to make two different files.  
However, when I create my bitmap the edit bitmap feature disappears.

Any insight to an easy method for taking something like a picture of a line drawn tree, engraving detail, then cutting out the outline would be very helpful.
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Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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Ultimately you want to get to a vector or a tracing via something like a pen tool (depends on the actual application)

Can you post the picture?
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Laser GRBL is well known and open source.

Then, to cut the outline, import the image into PhotoPaint, bump the histogram sliders in toward the center until you get a good black-white contrast, convert to B/W, mask on the exterior color, expand the mask a few pixels out so that the image is not cut into,write the mask as a TIF and use your favorite vectorization tool to create the vector list for the outline.

This assumes that the cutter in question is capable of vector work.  Raster cutters are inexpensive but either won't do vector work or won't do it well due to the one-way nature of the mechanism.
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You can try the Android app below.
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Thank you so very much for your help!

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