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Kelly Garcia
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When I run my powershell script and getting those warning, how do i stop them from appearing?

WARNING: 16:10:30 - *** The namespace for all the model classes will change from
Microsoft.Azure.Management.Monitor.Management.Models to Microsoft.Azure.Management.Monitor.Models in future releases.
WARNING: 16:10:30 - *** The namespace for output classes will be uniform for all classes in future releases to make it
independent of modifications in the model classes.
WARNING: 16:10:30 - The arguments Categories and Timegrains now have aliases Category and Timegrain respectively. The
plural names will be removed in future releases.

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Thank you for your help.

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Michael B. SmithManaging Consultant

The "warning stream" is number 3.  So re-direct that output to $null.

For example:

write-warning "this is warning text" 3>$null

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If you are working with a pipeline, that redirection goes BEFORE the pipe symbol, immediately to the right of the cmdlet generating the warning.
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That's probably from importing the Azure module; just add -WarningAction SilentlyContinue as Import-Module argument.
Works for any cmdlet that writes stuff to the Warning stream.
To suppress warnings for the rest of the script, you can set the $WarningPreference variable to SilentlyContinue.
Or use something like this if you don't want to add the -WarningAction ... all over the place:
$WarningPreference = SilentlyContinue
# Commands with known warnings you want to suppress ...
$WarningPreference = Continue

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