Have anyone used Colortokens
what do the do exactly and what do they do for data center and endpoint security?
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Wow... Trying to explain ColorTokens...

Likely best if you watch ColorTokens Visual Overview, then schedule a demo with them.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Tip: If you have a large network ColorTokens provides good value + in most cases Zabbix provides similar information...

With a price point of free.

So for small infrastructures or extremely large infrastructures, where ColorTokens pricing becomes prohibitive, Zabbix may provide a good alternative.

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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Looking at its white paper gives a better  view of it too. Their main product is CTSP. It serves as a one stop to manage all the asset, application on their compliance and hygiene matters in a single view. It claims to see, stop, and predict security and compliance violations across any workload, any deployment, and any user.

The ColorTokens Unified Security Platform is software defined and centrally managed.

The unified security platform ensures security teams can author policy, GRC teams can audit resources against compliance standards, and cloud/operations teams can speed past security and compliance requirements – across any cloud platform or workload type.

The architecture consists of two main components:

ColorMaster provides a single-pane of glass for your hybrid data center, and it is the main console that provides all administrative functions including cross-segment traffic visibility, analytics, and security policy simulations and enforcement.

Trust Agent is a light-weight software agent that is deployed on resources to be protected. These agents are hardened, non-disruptive, and never come in the traffic path.

There are other solution it carries too.

ColorTokens Unified Threat Visibility and Analytics (ColorTokens Visibility) –
Provides critical layers of security and compliance visibility for all workloads and users. This provides actionable information: topology and interaction of apps and the underlying infrastructure, a security risk posture showing security vulnerabilities and their impact on the rest of the network, and automated exploit testing to show the impact of potential threats on the environment.

ColorTokens Unified Intent Based Enforcement (ColorTokens Intent Enforcement) –
Creates a zero-trust environment by enforcing resource access policies specific to individual network segments. With secure micro-segmentation using residual risk metrics, and with policy simulations and enforcement, enterprises can visualize ‘what-if’ scenarios for accurate policy deployment or to even probe the resiliency of the data center.

ColorTokens Unified Secure User Segmentation and User Access (ColorTokens Secure User) –
Securely enables users to access only those apps they are authorized to access. This goes beyond simple identity and access management and looks at the risk level the user provides to the workload. By combining the user risk and ensuring the user has only access to the specific apps required, insider theft or compromised resources/ credentials no longer pose a threat to the workloads.
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