Unable to switchover databses in DAG

When I try to switch database in my DAG I get the following error

Server "mail2k16.wienerrealtors.com" is enabled for DatabaseCopyActivationDisabledAndMoveNow. Moving databases to such servers may be ineffective because the system will automatically attempt to move again as soon as a healthy copy is detected.
Barry FieldsIT managerAsked:
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Jacob DurhamIT Support Analyst II (Lead Infrastructure Engineer)Commented:
Is the database healthy? Why are you changing it? We need more information.
Barry FieldsIT managerAuthor Commented:
The database is healthy I want to return to the primary server. I had place the primary in maintenance mode. I ran the commands to take it out of maintenance mode but now when I try to switch i get the error I posted
Michael B. SmithManaging ConsultantCommented:

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Unless to turn off that parameter, exchange will try to reactivate database copy on same source server as being it has healthy database copy

assumption is you have total two database copies
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
You can set that property to false:

Set-MailboxServer "mail2k16.wienerrealtors.com" -DatabaseCopyActivationDisabledAndMoveNow $false

This will then allow the DBs to become active on this server and remain active unless a failover or manually failover.
Barry FieldsIT managerAuthor Commented:
thanks Michael
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