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"Thick" Provisioned NFS Share

I created a Windows Server 2016 and created an NFS 3.0 share. I am using this NFS share for vcenter 6.5 to connect and use as the primary datastore.
My problem is vCenter says the NFS share is strictly set to accept only Thin Provisioning.
How do I change my NFS share to also accept "Thick Provisioning" of Disks ??
I now have a few TB of data on the NFS share so hopefully this can be changed without losing the current data.
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Is this a lab? I wouldn't use regular Windows to host any VMs over the network unless it was a scale out file server for Hyper-V. I wouldn't use native Windows iSCSI target and I sure as heck wouldn't use it via NFS for VMware datastore. Wrong tool for the job.

What is the ultimate goal here for your VMs. I feel like you need to make some changes to the architecture.
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Thank you both for your answers,  I'll continue with the NFS for now. I'll look to change to an iscsi target later.  
I'll change all my VMs to be thin provisioned as that will alleviate my problems for now