How to write a bash script based on the modified of the files?

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This is using SuSE Linux Enterprise 12.3. We are thinking of writing a bash script to find out the whether a group of files with *.rf were updated for the past 4 hours. We wanted to ensure that at least 1 or more of these *.rf files in /usr6/MAPS4/ folder. We are thinking of checking based on the "Modified date" of the file. If at least 1 *.rf file was updated for the past 4 hours, that means thing is working fine. Else, if none were updated, an alert will be triggered.

How to write this bash script? Please show with example.

Thanks in advance.
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You still need to replace ALERT with your alerting code...

COUNTFILES=$( find /usr6/MAPS4/ -name '*.rf' -mmin 240 | wc -l )
if [ "$COUNTFILES" ne "0" ] ; then ALERT.... fi

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Likely noci's code will be best.

Another approach... If you have many files (1,000,000) or are trying to avoid any additional disk I/O on a busy system, use inotifywait.

inotifywait -mr --timefmt '%Y-%m-%d-%T' --format '%T %w%f %e' /var/log | while read time file event ; do

# code here to process data based on time + file + event
echo "$time $file $event"


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MichaelBalackSenior System Engineer


Thanks for both experts, it works.

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