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we have Internet Explorer 9 installed on windows 7 clients. we are planning to upgrade the IE to Internet Explorer 11.  we have created a package and will be using group policy to deploy the updates. now we want to create a group policy with configuration settings that only apply to 32 bit clients and clients with internet explorer 11. I hope we can do it with wmi filters.

we will be creating a GPO with a software deployment package to deploy internet explorer 11. we will be upgrading them in batches. so over a period of a month we will have clients running both IE versions. I want the policy created to deploy the IE to 32 bit windows 7 clients only as we have a mix of 32 and 64 bit clients.

once we have the IE upgraded to version 11 we want to either use the same policy or have another policy that applies to all computers running windows 7 32 bit and IE 11 to push some IE 11 specific settings to the clients.

looking for some help in the best way to do this
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You can create a WMI query using this statement:
Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem where Version like "6.1%" and ProductType="1" and OSArchitecture="32-bit"

Settings can be delivered using GRoup Policy Preferences via USer Configuration, Preferences, Control Panel Settings, Internet Settings.
Create and entry for 'Internet Explorer 10' (this apply to 11 as well) and configure as required.

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