find out dependent Solaris 10 x86 packages in advance

in RHEL, I can find out the dependent packages in advance by
   rpm -q --whatrequires package_name  or
   yum dep_list package_name
before actual day of doing "rpm -ivh ./package_name", then
only found out what's the missed dep pkgs & having to start
downloading them on the day of installation.

For Solaris 10 x86  packages, what's the equiv commands/steps
to find out the dependent packages in advance?
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Previously a test pkgadd will tell you if there are missing dependencies. Not sure if pkginfo would list the info, though the depend within the package ...

How current is your patch level?
pkgdep was added ref:
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Our Solaris 10  patch-level is before 119255-85  :
so I have to apply at least this patch (or later) to be able to use pkgdep ?

try using the pkginfo -l <package name> see whether it includes a dependency list

pkginfo is a way to see.
The other option is to convert the data streem package to expanded one so that you can navigate the directory structure and see the depend/script ..
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Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
In Solaris, each package or patch comes with a Readme file, that file will list all the dependency.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
how do we extract that readme file from the pkg file?
Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
The readme file should be separated from the pkg file.
Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
This was an example of Readme file looks like:
You would need to use pkgtrans to convert the package (expand to a folder )

Be gore going this route, look whether pkginfo in various modes includes the info.

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For Solaris you can also look at the contents of the particular depend file i.e.:

cat /var/sadm/pkg/package_name/install/depend

Open in new window

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