What is active frame exchange process, does it mean acknowledgement frame?

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What is active frame exchange process, does it mean acknowledgement frame?

From one Ken Mayer's courses: “When a client transmits a unicast frame, the Duration/ID field contains a value from 0 to 32, 767, this value represents the time, in microseconds, that is required to transmit active frame exchange process so that radios do not interrupt the process
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He seems to be a member: https://www.experts-exchange.com/members/Ken-Mayer.html 

btw. You need to provide more information on what technology your are refering to.  I guess you mean 802.11 standard... but it could be a different radio based protocol.
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If so the answer is here: https://mrncciew.com/2013/04/11/a-mpdu-a-msdu/
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In a wireless environment all radios are either actively transmitting or listening.

The frame value noted above is placed in the frame by a transmitting radio to signal all other radios the calculated duration for the transmission of the frame.  This value is noted so that all other (listening) radios are informed 1. not to transmit over the range indicated and 2. how long the actual hold time is.  In short, it is an anti-collision mechanism built into the protocol.

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