How to logon from my laptop to my desktop over ethernet

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DELL STINKS!!! ( There! got it off my chest.)
I have a new $6,000. dell 5820 workstation. I have a dell M4800 workstation laptop. Both are windows 10 machines. Both are operating on the same router. Both have the same username and password to log onto windows. I simply wish to be able to access all info that is on the 5820 desktop with the laptop. I go to MY PC on the laptop, choose network, choose the 5820. It then wants logon info. It is defaulting to my first name and cannot be changed, nor should it need to be changed. It asks for my password. I type it in and I receive "Username or password is incorrect". This seems to me to be a very basic problem / question. After spending $800 EXTRA for dell pro support they are "unable to assist me". They refer me to Microsoft. It is a paid number. (@#$^@^!)  Please tell me what the laptop really wants me to do to gain access to the 5820.
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Not Dell's fault, Microsoft removed homegroups and now home users have to understand server networking methods to do this as they lock down Windows to make your data more secure.

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