Serious iCloud login problem from macOS HighSierra to iCloud

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Serious iCloud login problem from macOS HighSierra to iCloud

Attempt to login to iCloud from macOS HighSierra [10.13.6] with newly created Mac Mini password results in login locked out after 3 attempts to enter newly created password. This password was newly created to satisfy password requirement for iCloud login and works for cold start login. There was no previous password.

How to I [re]create iCloud login?
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If you have another Apple device in proximity (iPhone or iPad for example), try logging in with that device next to the mini.  ICloud sometimes not only puts up a login request dialog that let's you in, if newer OS, can automatically share its password.

If you can login on another device, you may need to use forgot password and change the password there. Make sure the mini does not auto fill the login, type them by hand after changing your password.

If the other device is logged in. Then try changing the iCloud password again from that device. Then other devices will request a new login when you try to do anything on Apple's cloud.

And if you have turned on Apple's two factor authentication, then it will require that you have at least one other device that can receive a text registeted as a device.

You can also go to Apple's website and login there. You can also change the password there. Two factor authentication rules will apply if turned on.

(Took me 25 minutes to do all this for someone last night. He had an older iPad which logged in fine but his new one would not. We  changed his iCloud password on the logged in device, and both his security questions too. Then we could log in the newer iPad.)

Check to see if the mini is already logged in to someone else. You did not say where you got it, but if bought used and the previous owner has not released it, it is extremely difficult to format and start over.  If this is the case, Google "erasing a used Mac Mini" for ways to do it.

You can also call Apple support for help with Apple's very strict and often annoying security processes.

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