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Best way of setting up a shared address for in Office 365

Last Modified: 2019-02-11
We use Office 365 for emails. We need to have a shared address book that can be updates by any of the staff.

The addresses are generally for our customers. They need to be easily accessible in Outlook 2016 desktop and also ideally on mobile devices too.

Im guesing for mobile the users they are going to need to use the Outlook app but Im not certain. There is a mixture of IOS and Android devices.

What is the best solution in 2019 as I have seen various approaches online.

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There's no best solution unfortunately, as all of them have some downsides. Here are some options:

1) You can put the contacts in the GAL, that way they will be available across all devices/modalities. However, this means only users with admin privileges will be able to create/modify them
2) You can put the contacts in a mailbox (user, shared, whatever) and share them with whoever needs access. Mobile devices will not be able to access them though, unless you use OWA on the device
3) Put them in a contacts PF, which is a bit easier to manage permissions-wise. Downsides are same as above, no mobile access.
4) Use a SPO list, which you can integrate with Outlook. Again issues with mobiles, they will have to use the browser on the device.
5) Use something like OCM (https://support.office.com/en-us/article/get-started-with-outlook-customer-manager-48331ce0-c356-4186-8987-c86676520dc7) - works fine on mobiles but requires Business Premium licenses. Also, hasnt really received any updates lately, and it's in a limbo state.


These are great detailed reponses. Many thanks