"We found a problem. This installation requires a compatible Microsoft Office program installed on your computer."

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Microsoft Office Install ERROR: v2016 ProPlus. "We found a problem. This installation requires a compatible Microsoft Office program installed on your computer." Very confused with this error. It is a new install on a new system. I have no other products installed but cant get started because i have no other product installed??? This is senseless. Can anyone please help? Thanking you all in advance ... DDP
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Are you just running the setup file? Are you using some configuration XML file (if so, generate again, make use language tag is generated, see  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/configuration-options-for-the-office-2016-deployment-tool) ?
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Haven't struck the error myself, but it seems to be a common problem going by the search I've just done.

Couple of things I'd suggest you check. Is this a new system that perhaps has a Click-to-Run version of Microsoft Office already installed but hasn't been run yet that could be conflicting? If so, uninstall the Office click-to-run copy first.

Or is this a system you built and installed Windows 10 on yourself?

There are also a few ideas at the following site you might like to check out that seems to have helped some overcome the error.


Try renaming the Microsoft Help folder.

Press Win+R to open the Run window and type the command %programdata%.
In the folder that opens, right-click and rename the Microsoft Help folder to Microsoft Help.old.
Reboot the system.
Now try!

Quite a simple one to try to see if it helps?

Hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew
Robert RComputer Service Technician

This error usually occurs if you have purchased an upgrade version of the MS office product. But upgrade versions of office have not been sold in years. This usually happens when an upgrade version of the software was purchased and in order to install the upgrade you have to have a previous version of the software already installed on the computer.
Hello All - thank you for the feedback and suggestions. The issue is quite prolific when you search. This was a NEW install on a new, formatted drive. The OS is W7P. What i did was download the OFFICE REMOVAL TOOL - even though there was nothing installed i ran it anyway. Then i was given an executable which when i clicked on it started a direct download of Office 2016 ProPlus. This worked!! Not sure why exactly why. Hope this helps others!!


Thank you again and i hope the solution is helpful!

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