High Availability DNS solution for AD

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Considering HA for company's DNS infrastructure.  We have hybrid on-prem and cloud Azure setup.  Thinking off having a primary DNS on-prem Domain Controller and secondary on Azure as a failover.  Anyone has a similar setup and can suggest something.
 Please do.
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DNS was designed from the beginning with high availability in mind. Just set the two up to do zone transfers for replication, use DHCP to configure clients to use the internal DNS as a primary, with the Azure hosted one as a secondary.

If you want you can configure domain registration to point to both DNS server as well.

This stuff has not changed much in the last few decades.
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

Just put DNS where your domain controllers are.
Distinguished Expert 2018
Put dc in Azure if you have any server infrastructure or applications deployed in Azure which need ad authentication
Consider it as DR dc and you can use it to rebuild ad services when disaster happens
If you put it as secondary on devices, when disaster happens you will loss connectivity to azure dc as well as internet and vpn both are required to connect to that dc and disaster means you loss everything incliding onpremise setup, internet and so on.

You already must be having multiple dc/dns servers on premise which is already highly available, the condition never comes under normal circumstances that *all* onpremise dcs are down / failed and you need to contact cloud dc, further if ad gets currupted, you need to undergo forest recovery where you need to rely on last good AD system state backup before corruption and in that case your azure dc can't help you as it also needs to be decommissioned and redeployed
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nociSoftware Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018
DNS is setup for HA, create a master zone somewhere and some slaves on other DNS servers.
Then any update will be propagated BY DNS servers if a zone gets updated on the master.
DHCP servers should point to the master DNS server for updating.

If a Master is irretrievably lost then a slave can be promoted to master to continue the work.
This is a part of DNS that exists since it's inception.
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
Awarded 2017
Distinguished Expert 2018
Thinking off having a primary DNS on-prem Domain Controller and secondary on Azure as a failover.
This is a very common design, although usually two on-prem. Setup DNS as Active Directory Integrated
DrDave242Principal Support Engineer

I second the advice to use AD-integrated DNS zones. Then you don't have to worry about all of the primary/secondary zone transfer setup, as DNS replication will be handled by AD.

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