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How to best use OneDrive for cloud-based backups while managing one's own computer files and sanity.

I will admit that I'm a noob when it comes to OneDrive.  I have experience with Carbonite and some with other cloud-based backup systems but not with OneDrive.
I recently decided that we should use OneDrive as an offsite backup method and have been learning ... more than I'd intended to tell the truth.
In reading about OneDrive, I see that the focus is on Microsoft and not on THIS computer - because they talk about "downloading" OneDrive while I've been thinking about "uploading" TO OneDrive.
Then I learned that the username\Documents folder would be moved into the OneDrive folder.  Don't worry if I got that slightly wrong .. it won't matter.  
For now, I have NO intention of sharing files so all that is just fluff.

I've thought about some approaches for the backup objective that would fit into the computer's context.  I did read something about NOT moving Documents by making it local to the computer but the controls suggested within the OneDrive controls weren't even there.  So that was a pass.
I also read that things would be automagically moved into Documents (and, of course, OneDrive) and now after a few short days I see folders there where I would have never expected them to be!!  This concerns me greatly.

I've thought of some things that could be done:
1) Don't use the Documents folder for anything and just let it move.  Yet, I'm not sure "they" will let me do this and have it stick.  I'm concerned that important things will end up there anyway.
2) I've already copied folders into OneDrive.  That way I have the original copies and the OneDrive copies and pretty good visibility.  I've thought about moving these folders INTO Documents to take advantage of what's going to happen anyway.

Finally, here is my question:
Given the simple objective of having a cloud-based backup of files, coupled with the objective of local copies and visibility, what would YOU do?
I have the feeling that there are intricacies that I've only yet begun to realize.
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