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Windows Server Firewall Configuration

Windows Server Firewall Rule to allow 1 local LAN IP and 1 Remote WAN IP RD into server on a particular port

I wish to allow a LAN IP user into the server, and a remote user into the server. Have created the rule on the required
port but as soon as I populate the allowed remote IP address in scope options all LAN users are blocked. If I enter a
value in allowed LAN users - remote IP's are blocked.

Only works if both local and remote are set to allow any.

I previoulsy entered similar question and was told to do using powershell but could not work it out .
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Please provide me details of the existing network architecture and Windows server version and how are remote user is getting into the server and the port on which you want to allow connection..... this link may be useful if you are configuring Firewall from scratch...
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Thank you I will check the guide, from what I can see I've done the basics.

Simple network - 2008 Server on subnet connected to a router.

Want to allow just one user on the subnet to RD into the server, and one user remotely who port forwards through the router to the server also to RD into server. All other IP's to be blocked.
Is user able to telnet this server on 3389 and please revisit your NAT in router
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Thank you.

It’s not router config as remote pc gets in fine if windows firewall is configured in the way mentioned .

I tried creating 2 rules but I think since they both use the same port it only matches the first one.