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Hi, could you please provide me the new features of sybase SAP ASE 16 version for DBA's and Developers.
I have searched lot on net but mostly find some generic features.
I need whats new for developers ?

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The "What's New" manual is updated for every release of ASE, including each new SP and PL release. It's freely available without registration at:

At a high level, features relevant to developers are:

- relaxed hard coded limits in queries
- star join query plan hints
- general query performance (especially for parallel queries and compressed data)
- full text auditing for tables and views
- "create or replace" so objects can be recreated with the same object ID, permissions, & auditing settings
- compression of indexes
- full database encryption
- create multiple triggers on a table, and specify the order in which they fire
- ability to calculate log growth rate
- reduced locking for partition operations
- dynamic histograms (update stats) for columns that are already increasing
- lockless data cache which is a game-changer for spinlock contention
- "Always On" or HADR; also game-changing but needs premium license (but is included in Platform Edition)
- tables as variables, user-defined functions, or procedure parameters
- control whether procedures are executed with caller's or owner's permissions
- select ... with limit/offset to skip and limit rows in result set
- alternatives to UNION: INTERSECT and EXCEPT
- global/persistent temporary tables
- temporary precomputed reusable result sets
- drop index with nowait
- enable/disable deferred compiltion per procedure

Also some things are removed:
- Developer Edition
- 32-bit Backup Server
- OpenSSL (replaced by Common Crypto Library)
- earlier versions of JRE (now only 7.1.055/7.1.060 and 8.1.037/8.1.046)

Many of these features depend on exactly which Service Pack and Patch Level you have. You need ASE 16.0 SP03 PL06 to have every feature I've listed.


awesome...many thanks

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