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Need help with updating combo box value from another combo box in Microsoft Access using VBA

How to force the same value in another combo box from another combo box?

All please note the following sample file.
Basically after someone selects a value in ComboA - it supposed to make ComboB - appear with the same value in another table.

How do I do this with VBA code in the AfterUpdate event?

Again, I provided a sample so it would be easy to try.  Please note the two tables have similar values but different field names
Thanks in advance..

Private Sub cboA_AfterUpdate()
  Dim sCompany As String
  sCompany = cboA.Column(1)
  'MsgBox (cboA.Column(1))
End Sub

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Would you mind giving some more info why you want such kind of duplication...the combobox was invented in order to retyping the same and same select it once ...use it many.
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Thanks for providing the answer.  I appreciate it.

No can do John but thank you for the question.