shell command to get an inventory of all mailboxes and distribution lists.

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is there a way in exchange server to get a full report of all mailboxes, which AD account they are associated with (mailbox owner?), and all distribution groups. Just a really basic list of all mailboxes and distribution groups in a single report, showing type, e.g. this is a mailbox, this is a distribution list, written to CSV. Similar I suppose to a full version of the global address list in outlook but also showing hidden entries, but to easily show which items are mailboxes and which are distribution lists.
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Get-recipient -resultsize unlimited | select name, recipienttype | export-csv <path>
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create a folder on your c:drive named Temp   example  c:\Temp
Run the following command in your Exchange Management Shell

Get-Recipient -ResultSize Unlimited | Select DisplayName, PrimarySmtpAddress,SamAccountName,RecipientType,ManagedBy | Sort DisplayName | Export-csv 'c:\temp\RecipientResults.csv' -notypeinformation

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