Dell PowerEdge R720 Server 2008 r2 crash

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Dell PowerEdge R720 Windows 2008 R2 tag # CJCLCY1
Server crashed on me, when I try to boot it gets stuck here for around 10 minutes "Initializing firmware interfaces and then gives me a "A system restart is required"
will not go pass
Can't use F8, I do have a bootable CD that I will try, I also notice that one o the hard drives has no light; I'm pretty sure this drive is part of my RAID where the O.S. is installeddrive no light
any suggestions are apricated

I do have a backup and I'm downloading my data onto a diff. server with an ETA of 16 hours
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

Can you get into iDRAC? From there you might be able to get more information. At least see if it is possible to do a firmware update. Sounds like something might be corrupted.
Top Expert 2013

what raid are you running?  it might be as simple as to remove the bad drive, to get going again
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

If it's of any help, I found some information about the same kind of error with firmware update and instructions.

Please let us know one way or the other so we can help more if required.
Distinguished Expert 2017
Was the system originally installed using uefi?

Light not going on suggests a fault.  

In this state, accessing the log via idrac, or through acces son the raid controller to see
1) asked earlier raid config and whether drive 1 is of any consequence.
2) download raid controller drivers, use oS disk to boot the system, load the raid drivers, then you can see whether the issue is with the data on the drive, or within the uefi .....
jsarinanaI.T. Manager



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