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a sum based on other fields.


I have a large sharepoint list. Within an excel file data connection to this list.
In this excel i have created a table were all data is in.

Based on the value's of some of the field i want to make some calculations.
For example, from the table below i would like to know the total revenue of month 1 for all customers expect c.
Is there anyway do this?

month      revenue      customer
1       € 10,00       a
1       € 20,00       a
1       € 25,00       b
1       € 40,00       c
2       € 50,00       a
2       € 1,00       a
2       € 4,00       b
2       € 182,00       c
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thanks for the fast reply.
Im getting this:

User generated image
what am i doing wrong?
AH =SUMIFS(B:B;A:A;1;C:C;"<>c")

thanks aloT!
What do use as a separator in the formulas, a comma or a semicolon?
If you use a semicolon, replace all the commas with a semicolon.
Btw I have logged off and on mobile now.
Glad you tweaked it. 👍
Select all and use (PIVOT table) under insert tab.

Put  Month and Customer under Filters

Put Sum of Months Under values.
Check the desired result below. This is one more option to play around.
thanks, i tried it with a pivotable but i need for multiple months and years. I couldnt get that working.
The sumifs worked...