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Hi there.

I have trouble how to do this in STATA: I have a dataset with response (BOR) for the patients. The variable BOR can be CR, PR, SD, PD or NE. Each patient can be in either arm A or B. I need to make a table in STATA with the distribution of BOR on arm A and B, and I also need to calculate a p-value (log-rank) and Hazard ratio for each value of BOR.
Anyone who can tell me how to do this in STATA? If not STATA, when maybe the codes in an altertative statistics software? It's probably very much alike.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards

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Hi Ulrich,
Sorry I don't have any firsthand experience with STATA, but I did find some videos which lay out how to do what you're asking.

Here's one on importing data and setting up your table. And here he goes over using your data to create a hazard model to get a hazard ratio, p values, etc.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for your post. It was useful. :-)
Martin NguyenHelpDesk Technician
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Glad it was helpful! That sounds like some interesting stuff you're working on :)

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