OS Installation Error

Hello, I encountered a strange issue while installing Windows Server 2016 on one of my HP Prolient ML310e Gen8 Server. It gave me this error when it finished the installation and this also happened when I was trying to install Windows 2019 on it.OS-Installation-error.jpg
So can anyone help me to solve the issue please.
Support PLEXUSSystems IntegratorAsked:
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
RAID card drivers not in the image?

What unattend settings is the error message talking about - did you set them? If so, share them.
echo Pete's assessment as the likely issue, the partitioning of the hard drive/ or possibly the network settings (missing network card drivers)

McKnife has a more direct, provide what your unattended settings are trying to do and it will be clearer what the issue is.

The image does not provide a guestimate on how far along the process of the OS install is....
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David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
Share a sanitized copy of your unattend.xml

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Support PLEXUSSystems IntegratorAuthor Commented:
Hey Arnold,

If network card driver is missing, how can I install them ??

and talking about the unattended issue setting, this comes during the final step of installing the OS. As soon as that it comes to installing updates or finishing up, it gives this error.
Will you please let us know whether you are using an unattended setup configuration or not?
Support PLEXUSSystems IntegratorAuthor Commented:
I didn't set any of the settings.
and if so, how can I see or change that settings ??

and if it did not have network driver then how can the installation go successfully on my other server which is the same one HP Prolient ML310e Gen8 v2 ?
Please open your setup media and search for unattend.xml - can you find it? If so, please upload it.
Support PLEXUSSystems IntegratorAuthor Commented:
I have unattend.dll file ??

and if you want .xml file, I have headlessunattend.xml file
you could add them from a USB stick after the install, or you have to preload the drivers into the OS image you are deploying.

Server can be the same a component such as a raid controller may differ. I would think the storage side is the only variant when getting similar systems...
the partition of the space might be explicit sizes and the new does not have the storage space
i.e. in the old one you had a 150 GB C partition.
in the current one you have SSD raid 1 but they are 128GB SSD

the attempt to create a 150GB partition will fail.

Just an illustration of the issue that might exist.
David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
If that is the xml file you are using then you are in error as it is only a sample xml file.   where did the unattend.dll come from?
Do you mind to share the solution?
Support PLEXUSSystems IntegratorAuthor Commented:
instead of going into intelligent provision to install the OS, I installed it via Boot Menu and it worked.
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