Setting up a iCloud account for iPads in the school.

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We are a school and we started buying iPads for the staff. I have created a school iCloud account.  

Please let me know if there will be a way of adding new iPad to the school cloud account and once the iPad is given to staff they must be able to install apps by their own.

But when they leave the organisation , they should return the iPad , but able to carry the paid apps and install on their iPads they wish.

Please let me know a best way of setting up this.

Any help will be great and thanks in advance.
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RobertSystem Admin

I believe Apple Business Manager may have some of the functionality your looking for.
You may want to contact one of the apple sales reps and discuss with them.
I personally am not aware of a way for the apps to go with the users and not with the business icloud account.
Depending on how locked-down you want the devices to be it is possible.  You can setup each device with the school iCloud account, install the default apps etc.  When the users get it they can add their own personal iCloud  account for mail and to buy their own apps.  HOWEVER if any of the default apps or apps the School installed need to be updated you'll have to provide the school iCloud password to allow updates.

If you're managing more than a few iPads you really should be looking at some form of MDM Solution .. if you've at least on Apple Mac PC in your possession you can use the Apple Configurator app to configure and manage the devices -

Alternatively I'd highly recommend 3rd party MDM systems like AirWatch - or SOTI -

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