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I am using above form wizard and everything is working fine except the validation. the current code will only validate if the <input> field is empty.
My question is: how to use jquery built-in validation in this case so I do not have to write codes to check one by one? Because in my case, I have over 20+ <input> for each steps and I have at least 5 steps to go.

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You can use this plugin which should cover all your needs

Documentation and demo :

Don't forget to validate server side too :)
ITsolutionWizardAuthor Commented:
Thank you. it is a good one but that does not work to me in my case.
I use  for all of the UI and it is better we stick with the current UI i use. It is such pain to remove all of the codes already built and use
Julian HansenCommented:
I don't understand your response - what has bootstrap got to do with jQuery Validation?

It is such pain to remove all of the codes already built and use
What code will you have to remove from jQuery validation???

Validate.js is the Javascript plugin for validation that almost everyone is using and it play very well with Bootstrap. (you don't need to remove anything) you may like to edit CSS or create your own class which is possible with that plugin.

Here another one that you may prefer

You will need to check each single input to validate, not only if they are required but you may need to check the data format or some range, min max characters etc.

In any case you will also need to do Server side validation as JavaScript validation can be easily skipped by user, so to save time you can only use server side validation and skip the JS validation. (this is what I'm doing)

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