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Fiber Dedicated VS Fiber Shared

Fiber Dedicated or Fiber Shared

I’ve been on a 50/50 Cox fiber dedicated connection for years and it’s been very okay. It’s never gone down and *most* of the time my backup uploads get to the DR site in a timely fashion.

I’m now looking at the 1000/1000 (aka Gigabit) connection offered by Cox at a lower price.

Email w/ Outlook
Email Active Sync for 40 iPhones

So basically we download email and browse the web. No video calls. No VoIP.
Off-site DR which can be up to 50 GB a day.

Please tell me your recommendation and experiences.

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David Favor
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Lower price? Newer tech? Asymmetric 1G speed?

Take it!
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John Caspary


It's $300 less. The same technology as far as I know. They say symmetrical
It sounds like your daytime needs would be really low. More bandwidth at night for less money? Sign me up!
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Shared internet here I come!  Thanks to everyone!!