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Hello Friends, I need your help, We have our main website, this website already installed SSL certificate. We also have registered other domain like,, and Now all these domain are just registered, nothing is there, there is no SSL certificate as well. When I redirected these website to our main website it successfully redirected but its need SSL certificate. Although the main website already have SSL certificated installed. Do I need SSL for all other domain? If I leave it like this it will insecure for my main website?? kindly though some light on it. Many thanks in advance.
Meraj mohdAsked:
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Sam JacobsDirector of Technology Development, IPMCommented:
If your users access the other domains using HTTP, then you can redirect to without any issues.
However, without a SAN (Subject Alternative Name) certificate, which has multiple names in the certificate, if someone browses to, for example, they will get a warning from their browser that it's an untrusted site (because the name differs from the one in the SSL certificate), and it will recommend to them that they do not continue.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
A browser connects to your site  and receives a certificate from the site.
Then the browser compares the names in the certificate the the name that was typed in the URL.

So when you connect to and it returns a certificate ONLY mentioning the certificate will be dismissed....

If your webserver support SNI then you can place multipe certificate with the webserver.
If the webserver does not support SNI, you may need to add a reverse proxy like Haproxy in front of it.

You may be able to request a certificate for with all other domains as well.
(let's encrypt can help here (free certificates that have to be renewed every 3 months.. (which can be automated if needed).

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Meraj mohdAuthor Commented:
Thanks dear friends. It is solved but I tried something else. The SSL was generated against the "" so when I put complete name instead of only It works perfectly. Many thanks for your comments and enhancing my knowledge.
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