Hard drive full with a VHD that is not the size of the hard drive!

Hard drive full with a VHD that is not the size of the hard drive!
I have a 446gb hdd with one file on it - a 142gb VHD.
But the drive reports only 61gb of free space!

Where has my disk space gone?  I have searched for ADS, and the recycle bin is empty.
Jason RichmondAsked:
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Jason RichmondAuthor Commented:
(the virtual server this morning stopped because the drive was filled - I compacted the VHD to free up the 60gb space)
When the drive was full, the VHD was 202gb, but the 446gb HDD was marked as full by explorer.
When trying to sort out what is using up space on a local hard drive, I usually use TreeSizeFree from Jam-Software.com.  There are other programs recommended on EE that are similar, but this is the one with which I'm familiar.
Jason RichmondAuthor Commented:
CompProbSolv - I tried that. It shows the single VHD file just like windows explorer.
What is in the image is literally all that is stored on that drive!
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Windows and the applications you use will only tell you what you have access to.  If you're running programs like WinDirStat and TreeSize as yourself, even as an admin, you may not get the total amounts if the account the program is running as doesn't have access.

IN GENERAL, the system account has access to everything.  I wrote an article on how to find what's using your space which describes how to make these programs use the system account.  Please review https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/28565/Using-Tools-To-Find-What-is-Using-Your-Disk-Space.html and check on what's using your space.

I suspect it has something to do with the System Volume Information and Shadow Copies, either from the volume shadow copy service or from a backup application that is not cleaning up after itself.
Jason RichmondAuthor Commented:
Wasn't shadow copies....
But I looked at disk management in the VM itself..
150gb on C
97gb on data partition
150gb unallocated.

That would be my full volume size on the host drive.
How can I get rid of that unallocated partition (or at least some of it) so that the host doesn't run out of disk space?
Have you looked at how the VHD is configured (in Hyper-V manager, if you're using Hyper-V).
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You PARTITIONED a VHD?  That doesn't make any sense.  

Perhaps you could post the screen shot of disk management from the host.  Pictures can say more than words sometimes (sometimes not, but would it hurt?)
noxchoProduct ManagerCommented:
Thick provisioned virtual drive? Even if the virtual machine inside shows the different sizes it does not mean it is taking the whole space. Did you run WinDirStat or TreeView as Admin to see what is stealing your space?
Jason RichmondAuthor Commented:
Lee - partition was to guard against fragmentation of the DB.
noxcho - dedicated SSD hard drive with the single VHD in the photo.
Disk mgmt in the VM shows the above partitions.

The problem exists on the host - it reports I am out of disk space.
noxchoProduct ManagerCommented:
Jason, yes I understand it. But if the virtual drive is taking only 150GB it means that something else is taking the rest. Either you have snapshots of this drive or there is something else which is using the space. Run on your host machine the TreeSize or WinDirStat and see what is taking that space.
I'm afraid that I'm missing the facts here.  Please let me know what is correct and incorrect in the following:

1) You have a 446G hard drive on the host that holds a VHD for the VM
2)  The size of the VHD is shown in File Explorer on the host as having a size of 142G
3)  File Explorer on the host shows only 61G free
4)  You believe that there are no other files on the host's 446G drive other than the VHD
5)  The only thing that TreeSize shows on this host drive is the VHD

Some questions for you:
1) When you said "the VHD was 202gb", how were you measuring that?  Is that the total size in Disk Manager inside the VM?  Is it the file size in File Explorer on the Host?  Or?
2)  When TreeSize showed you only the one file, what size did it show the file to be?  What did it show the entire host drive size to be?  How much free space did TreeSize show on the host drive?  Did you run TreeSize as Administrator?
3)  Is there any chance you're really asking the question: "Why is my VM showing its drive to be 202G when looked at in the VM, but it is taking up 380G on the host?"
Jason RichmondAuthor Commented:
compprobsolv -

Your statements 1-5 are correct (as shown in photo)

Question answers:
1) The VHD file on the host physical disk is 202gb.  Shown that size in file explorer and tree size free run as admin
2) treesize showed the VHD to be 202gb.  it was run as admin.  That was the only file shown in treesize.
3) nope - I don't know why my 446g hard drive has a single 202gb file yet shows 61g free.  (446-202=244g free)
there's no such thing running like Deepfreeze  perhaps?
Jason RichmondAuthor Commented:
nobus - nope - nothing special like that.
Jason RichmondAuthor Commented:
well - with nothing done on my part, the 465tb drive now lists 302gb free out of 446.
Very strange.

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