rotoscoping / tracking / covering automatically human figures into footages with 3D characters

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Hello. I would like to track/rotoscope/cover the movements of a bunch of human figures who are inside a series of pictures (or inside a video) with 3D characters (created and RIGGED in Blender). They should behave at the same way of the human figures ; it means that they should make the same movements. I think that I should track also the camera. Can u tell me if this kind of job is doable with these script :

or which kind of tool and approach do you want to use ?

I have also tried to run the demo of OpenPose with this command line :

C:\Users\virtu\OneDrive\Desktop\RotoRIG\TOOLS\openpose-1.4.0-win64-cpu-binaries>bin\OpenPoseDemo.exe --video examples\media\video.avi --face --hand
Starting OpenPose demo...
Starting thread(s)...

it hangs but nothing happens.

Someone never heard about FlowBox or some other tool like this. Please read here :

He says :

Rotoscope Tracking, Painting, and Rigging

BLowBox also is working on RotoTRACK. RotoGLUE offers a planar tracking and point tracking system within the application. You can even use tracking data from other software through import.

RotoPAINT lets you paint over a sequence with built-in vector point tools, recording strokes as you go. Because paint strokes are vector, you can modify them like any other roto shape.

Lastly, the innovative RotoRIG will let you connect shapes using bones and joints. It even has an inverse kinematics solver that aims to make it easier to rotoscope people in a shot.

This seem to be the perfect solutio for me. Problem is that I don't know how is the workflow,also because on youtube there are few video tutorials to learn.
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