Cisco SPA504G - How to permanently turn off the red light at the top of the phone

Hi Experts,

I have a problem with my Cisco SPA504G VOIP handset.

The horizontal red light at the top of the phone comes on when I receive a message.

I want the red light to be off all the time, as I receive my messages by email.

I changed the Cisco SPA504G configuration, Voice / Ext 1 / Call Feature Settings / Message Waiting to "no".
That turned the light off, but it came on again when the next message was left.

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Open the case, locate the call waiting LED, take a fingernail nipper, and cut one lead of the LED.  This will permanently solve the issue but if it's a company phone the IT department may not appreciate this small "customization" and it'll be detectable to anyone testing the phone.

It can be done undetectably (from the outside) by installing a small magnetic reed switch in one lead of the LED and gluing the reed switch to the back of the phone on the inside of the case.  Run the LED lead through the reed switch NC / normally closed terminals.  When a magnet is placed on the case near the reed switch, the reed switch opens and the LED will not light.  With no magnet present the reed switch closes and the LED operates normally.  It does require 15 minutes "quiet time" with the phone to open it, splice into the LED wiring, glue the reed switch to the inside of the phone's back and close the phone up again.

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LeighWardleAuthor Commented:
Hi Dr. Klahn,

Thanks for your suggestions.
I wanted to cut the lead of the LED, but I couldn't figure what kind of screws are used by the case.
I have a bunch of torx bits, but none would work.

I've covered the LED with electrical tape, that's pretty effective.

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