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Cian Dev
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Hi All,

I have a client that uses MS Dynamics NAV, I have never used it and have some knowledge of Databases.

My question is, is the underlying default database a relational database when you first buy the product or do you have to set it up from scratch,
The reason i am asking is because the client has a table with numerous entries in it all assigned to one key, we want to add another key to more clearly identify the data in that table and are being told be the vendor that this is not possible.

My understanding of relational databases, is that you should be able to do this, i will stand corrected on this.

How flexible is NAV as an application to change, if a business needs to change its process?, my client operates a simple warehouse with one item in and out, with some variances on that one item, but nothing complex

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Chinmay PatelChief Technology Ninja
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Hi Cian,

I am not a NAV expert but AFAIK Dynamics Products (And similar other products) do not allow a direct modification to the database. If you intend to add a secondary key, that can be facilitated but I do not think apart from being a record identifier it will add any value. If you can throw some light on what you want to achieve by adding this second key, I might be able to provide some help.

PS: Most ERP/CRM products do not allow direct database modification as it might adversely affect when you try to migrate/update database (product patch, version change, on premise to online migration, etc.)

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You can change everything in NAV. You can use it as a development environment and build new apps if you want

But does it make sense to do what you want to do? Something as simple as extending a field a few characters may not be possible because of thousands of variables in the code using that size. It will mean many hours of work and possibly still breaking the system here and there.

it seems like you are proposing to add a field to the primary key of a table, and the NAV partner sees how that can break the current functionality.

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