Can no longer connect to OneDrive account in AWS environment. Weird error message.

Adam Ehrenworth
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Odd Error now appearing when trying to connect to Ond Drive Account via AWS environment.

I have a colleague that is using our One Drive for an SA Account to collaboration on files. The other day this error appeared when they logged into the AWS environment. Up until then the One Drive connection was working fine.

error message from OneDrive on AWS
We have attempted to do the basic troubleshooting and there isn't a lot of stuff online with this error message as it relates to AWS.

Any suggestions? Is there something that may have changed?

To provide further context our team as their own AWS environment and I am able to connect to OneDrive without any errors. the only differences is the account we use for One Drive is the exact same one that I use to login to AWS. so maybe it is a security change of some kind?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Quick scan of Microsoft recent OneDrive forums suggests there may be a OneDrive bug which was recently introduced in a recent update.

If you're OneDrive has done a background auto update recently, you might track OneDrive forum postings which seem related.
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The internal IT team needed to allow access to my SA Account. apparently, the company changed the permissions for OneDrive client to only allow PCs and mobile devices with a valid user account to access. Once they saw this impacts AWS they made a change for me.

An example of IT decisions being made in a vacuum.

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