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I would like to sort the part number group by the minimum of a date field. Currently, the report sorts by part id, putting the records in order by Ship Date, oldest to newest.  Management would like to retain the sorting by part id, but then have the next group of parts display by the minimum of the ship date.
In the example shown, the first group displayed should be part id 12414286, since it has the oldest ship date of all the part groups.  Next should be part group 1241853DTNB with the min ship date of 2/26 - third should be 12417908 with the min ship date of 2/27, and so on.
Is this possible in CR?  I've tried everything I know, as well as hours of Googling to no avail.  Suggestions are greatly appreciated!cr example
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Add a formula to get the minimum date by group.
Name - MinDate

You can then sort the groups by the date with the group sort expert
Click Report --> Group Sort Expert
Chose the Part ID group
Choose ALL
Choose the MinDate formula

If the formula is not available you may have to put it on the report in the group header/footer

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Thank you - Worked like a charm!

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