Inventory Service will not start

I am working on a vCenter Server Appliance 6.0. There were a few things going on... Multiple folders at 100% usage. I cleaned up a lot of the logs and inched my way forward getting more and more services to start. I think my last hurdle is the Inventory Service. I cleaned up all the logs I think and performed a reset of the inventory DB using the "" script, but still get an error. See attached file. Anyone have any ideas what I can try next?
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Murali SripadaVMware Engineer | vExpert 18/19Commented:
take ssh to vcsa 6.0, invsvc fail with Ldap 49 error post root partition is full, you can use this kb to fix

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DKHeneryAuthor Commented:
The document says to SSH into the Platform Services Controller first then the vCenter Server Appliance. Since I am using embedded would they then be one and the same? or do I need to connect through a different port?
Murali SripadaVMware Engineer | vExpert 18/19Commented:
yes it is same. You have PSC and vCenter services on same machine so no worries. Its port 22 for ssh
DKHeneryAuthor Commented:
Will be trying this today, thank you.
DKHeneryAuthor Commented:
Thank you Murali.. that was the final task to get vCenter back on line... funny thing I saw that article and dismissed it thinking it didn't pertain to what was happening...
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