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I would like to have some confirmation that I setup DNS scavenging correctly on my DNS server.  The DHCP lease duration is set 8 Days.  Under DNS Management, I right-clicked on the server and selected properties.  On the advanced tab, I enabled automatic scavenging of stale records and set the savenging period to 4 days.  I then righ-clicked on the server and selected "Set Aging / Scavenging for All Zones.."  I enabled the the scavenging of stale resource records and set the no-refresh interval to 4 days.  I set the refresh interval to 4 days.  Finally, I right-clicked on my forward lookup zone and selected properties.  I clicked on the Aging button on the general tab.  I enabled scavenging of stale resource records and set the no-refresh and refresh intervals to 4 days each.

Did I miss anything or is this correctly setup?
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This looks fine to me. A good rule of thumb is that the DHCP lease duration should be roughly equal to the sum of the refresh and no-refresh intervals, and that's what you've got. You might want to decrease the scavenging period so that stale records are scavenged more often than once every four days, but I wouldn't say that's absolutely necessary.

You may have already run across this, but it's a very good article about how scavenging works:

There used to be another TechNet blog entry (not by the same people that wrote the one above) about how the no-refresh and refresh intervals relate to the DHCP lease duration. That entry is no longer available for some reason, but I believe I've found a "reprint" of it (without pictures) here:
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Thanks for you help.

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