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Problem configuring site template in office365 SharePoint

I am trying to setup a default template for a SharePoint site.   Our designer updated a team site with the look he wants for all future sites.   I initially told him no problem i will get it done right away.  That was two weeks ago and I have had an open ticket with Microsoft 365 support for over a week.  

I initially went in and selected save site as template (unchecked include content) and waited several minutes while it chugged away and finally told me I didn't have enough space.   I tried to identify what was taking up so much room without success, rebooted ,  tried another computer and a different account with the same results.    I then tried a different un-configured site and it saved without issue.   I opened up a case with Microsoft office 365 support and asked what was taking up so much space, how to identify it and save the site as a template.    They were unable to determine why I could not save the site as a template and suggested we redo it and try again.   I created a new team site and asked the designer to recreate his design.   Once he was done I was able to save the site as a template.   I then tried to load the site and didn't have the options under Web Design.   The ticket with Microsoft was still open and they were following up and having me try things so I brought this up.    They were unable to tell me why so I searched on line and found -DenyAddAndCustomizePages 0.  I tried to apply the setting but was unable to get powershell to connect.    (I have found several things in SharePoint and powershell for office365  which do not support two factor which is enabled on my account).    

After disabling two factor I was able to apply the setting and upload the template which changed some things but not the background and some other settings.    Microsoft again promised to look into this and I am waiting to hear back.    In the meantime I tried to create an entry under the top level site (https://myco.sharepoint.com) to appear in Change the Look.   I added a new page under Composed Looks but it never appeared where i could select it.   I went back to composed looks and edited Orange and replaced all the links with what I used for the new one I tried to create.   This time the look of Orange changed to what I was trying to setup and I was able to go to Change the Look and selected Orange.

I went to a team site thinking I could now just select Orange to setup the site but when I select Change the Look the new one I tried to create is still not visible and Orange is still the default orange.    

How do I setup a default template to be used for all new team sites?  If I cant do that how do I add a Composed Look so it appears in all team sites.

Maybe its just me but it shouldn't be this hard to make a minor change.

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