Powershell single line file exists check

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Hi Powershell experts,

please help me in the logic. Below is the current single line script.

foreach($line in Get-Content C:\filepath.txt){(Get-Content $line).replace('DB_URL', ${RDSInstance.Endpoint.Address}) ^| Set-Content $line}

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Would like extend a bit by
  1. check if file exists, then apply replace logic,
  2. else get next line
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Test-Path is your friend:
foreach ($line in Get-Content C:\filepath.txt) {If (Test-Path -Path $line) {(Get-Content $line).replace('DB_URL', ${RDSInstance.Endpoint.Address}) ^| Set-Content $line}}

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Haven't tested this but it should work:

$FileCheck = "c:\filepath.txt"; if (!test-path $filecheck){Exit}else {try{foreach($line in Get-Content C:\filepath.txt){(Get-Content $line).replace('DB_URL', ${RDSInstance.Endpoint.Address}) ^| Set-Content $line}}catch {write-host "Something Went Wrong Processing line $($line)"}}

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oBdA has the better solution..


Thanks a lot oBdA, ITguy,
will test these :)

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