Possible DNS issue?

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Hi everyone,

This may be a DNS issue - maybe not.

I had a user who was encountering some printing problems yesterday.  I got the printing problem solved but in doing so discovered that I was able to ping the PC using two different hostnames, but having only one IP address.  I've verified that the inaccurate hostname belonged to a workstation I've already removed from the network 30-45 days ago.

On a side note, I've since upgraded the OS from WIN 7 to WIN 10.

Now, 24 hours later, I'm still able to ping the one workstation by the two different hostnames.  Is there something else I need to take a look at?  We do have some special vlans that live in our enviornment.  Is it possible that, maybe, the MAC of the PC got assigned on a vlan and is somehow associated to the old PC name - or is that really thin possibility?  Just tossing ideas around.

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this issue is some what common, and as you expect it is caused by having 2 DNS record for same ip. Happened when you change hostname, or manually enter additional DNS record. Simple go to DNS console, and in forward lookup zone remove incorrect record. Take a look at revese zone as  well to make sure there is only 1 ip-hostname record.

If you have a laptop, then you will see 2 hostname's and 2 ip, one for LAN and WiFi, but that is not the same as your situation.

RobertSystem Admin
You may want to look into setup DNS scavenging, from the description of your issue you have stale records in your environment.
the following article gives details on configuring and isn't a bad guide.

That said before you enable it be sure to research what exactly this is going to do and make sure you get it correctly configured.

Here is a MS article on it.
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On the computer you're pinging from open an elevated command prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns then ping again. If this doesn't resolve the issue do the same on the computer with two DNS entries.

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