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monitor screen goes black for a short period of time, then returns

dual Monitor setup.   Both monitors are VGA, we are using the VGA port off the motherboard, and a display port adapter from the PC to fire up both monitors.

Works fine, setup is fine, everything looks good.  then user (dispatcher in PD call center) reports that  1 or both of the screens goes black for a very short period of time, then comes back.

When I watched for this I only saw one monitor do this, no message on screen that signal was lost.

Checked for cables being loose, nothing notable to report wrong.   I am just curious if anyone else has seen this behavior in a dual monitor setup where both monitors are being run from motherboard video?

I am putting in video cards, also looking to make one of the monitors NON VGA.  will see how that works....
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Monitors going black if not hardware related to the backlighting failing is usually caused by a change in the screen resolution or refresh rate.
You mention "user (dispatcher in PD call center)", Is that a software package?
If  so check its specifications to see if it has a required screen resoultion and maybe settings to change the resolution to match what the monitors are set for.
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WE have two units that are going to be setup, D1 and D2, D2 is unmanned until D1 goes dark.    This allowed me to do a couple of things, one, add more memory (4 to 8 GB) to the system and replace the mech drive with an SSD.  More importantly I was able to put in a separate PCI-E Video card that was designed to support at least two monitors, with all three outputs (HDMI, DVI and VGA).  this system is working fine in the new environment.  I think it was the fact that the video being used was motherboard ram, which there was not enough off to begin with, and the fact that both monitors were VGA (one VGA and one DVI with VGA adapter).  and to a previous point, it did appear to be "refresh" related.

 In short, cutting corners on the cost of the systems was a mistake, the video card only cost 50 bucks, and the SSD  and memory upgrade cost less then $150 (not really needed for this video thing but well worth it in light of the fact that they are reluctant to simply replace the systems.)
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