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Hi, I'm looking for an antivirus solution for one Windows Server 2012 R2.  I normally don't care about that because I don't do browsing from the server, but I have a client that is insisting on it.  I'm hoping for something light that isn't too draconian.

Also side note, am I on crack for not AVing my servers?  I have never had an issue.

thanks all.
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

"I have never had an issue."
How do you know?

We use Symantec Endpoint Protection across our network and it's always worked well for us.
System Engineer

i have always used AV on servers, specially in modern days when entire network is connected, and when ransomware and such threats will jump from workstation to server, if not configured/ protected correct .

I am using ESET File Security for MS windows server, but i guess all major players have good AV for server as well. This one is light when comparing resource utilization of others. I guess if you are using business solution on all clients then simple buy server AV of same vendor, so that you can monitor using one console.

RobertSystem Admin

I also will never have a server without AV as viruses can spread within a network. So even if you don't browse on your server it is still venerable.
We use System Center Endpoint Protection.
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btanExec Consultant
Distinguished Expert 2018

You can use Microsoft's System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager.  It contains the EndPoint client virus protection that supports Windows 2012 R2. If you've got a MSDN membership it is the way to go.

Also look at reducing use of privileged user accounts, minimising access to shares to only those people that need it, and carrying out regular backups. To servers, these are essential so taking a layered approach to security is probably your next best bet.


Thanks all, Paul: never had a virus on a server.  I think I'm going to try those two, or three.
I'll chime in with a second vote for Eset, and if you running the ERA on the network, you can manage all installs on the network from there.

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