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VMware hypervisor 6.7 (no vSphere) - Setting iscsi port binding

I'm testing VMware ESXi 6.7 update 1, I tested ver 6.5 update 2 and I've found the same freak.
I'm using the hypervisor embedded client (no vSphere).
It works all regularly but I have a problem to setting iSCSI.

- I set 2 switches:
vSwitch1, ok
vSwitch2, ok
- I set up 2 VMkernel NICs and the 2 related port groups named iSCSI ...
vmk1 - iSCSI1, ok
vmk2 - iSCSI2, ok
- I added the vmnic2 and vmnic3 to vSwitch1, ok.
- I tried to add the same nic (vmnic2 and vmnic3) to vSwitch2, and the error message is:  "Can not add up - There are no physical adapters to attach to this visrtual switch."

- I tried from SSH console but without success:
esxcli network vswitch standard uplink add --uplink-name=vmnic2 --vswitch-name=vSwitch2

The VMware documentation for version 6.7 describes the same procedure (see the attached doc).

I have an installation that's using VmWare hypervisor 5.0 with the same configuration and it works.

Where is my mistake?
Or you can not configure iSCSI bindings from the embedded client

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Fabio Rosiglioni


I followed the working configuration (ESXi 5.0) and described in the VMware documentation.
Attached the screenshots of my configuration.
Where is the error?
OK, that looks correct, but where is the configuration for vSwitch0?

My guess is vmnic0 and vmnic1 are attached to that vSwitch, leaving you no more physical adapters to add to vSwitch2.
Found where I was wrong.
Instead of connecting iSCSI1 and iSCSI2 to the same vSwitch, I used 2 vSwitch.
With your indication I have cheched better the configuration that I have in use on esxi 5.0 and I understood the error.
Thank you.
Yes, that would do it.  I was wondering why you had two port groups and two vSwitches, but thought you had a reason so I didn't question that.

Glad you sorted it out.