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Lenovo T470 Slowness up and down

Hi Team,

I having slowness on a new Lenovo Laptop T470 and sometime it seems fine, below are the CPU usage, kindly advice is this normal?

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David Johnson, CD
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look at the speeds it looks like you are being thermal throttled. Fan not connected or vents blocked?
Over the course of an hour, CPU should run < 5% more than 95% of the time.

Look in Task Manager and sort by CPU to see what task / process is CPU intensive.

Check for viruses by running a full AV scan.

See if Windows Updates or your AV updates are running because this may be causing your issue.

Please let us know.
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Hi Expert,

Thank for reverting back.

It's strange it's new in 2 days, only outlook/word and IE.
Do the above steps.

Then uninstall Office.

Then go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, Windows Features and uncheck (disable) IE.  Close out and restart (you have to).
Go back and enable IE and restart again.

Now install Office and Patch fully.  Check the result.

If you still have slowness issues, make a new, test, Windows User Profile (Account) in Control Panel Users and Groups.  Log into the new Windows Account and test Office and IE.
Hi Sir,

Thank you for the advice, tired another programme/software also same, guess it's not ms office.

no errors in event viewer?  or in device manager?
was there anything installed recently - software, or updates?
What were the results of the full AV Scan ?

Now open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator and run:

SFC /SCANNOW  Allow to complete, and run a second if there were errors remaining after the first run.

THEN,   dism.exe  /online  /cleanup-image  /restorehealth

Restart and test.  

NOW,  make a new, test Windows User Profile (Account) (Control Panel, Users and Groups).  Log into the new Windows Account and test. If the new Windows Account works fine, then your main User Profile is likely damaged and needs to be replaced.

Please work through the above and let us know.
and if the problem arose recent - try a system restore to a date it was ok...
What AV are you using?  
Have you forced it to check for updates and confirmed there are none available?
Win 10, just open start and type 'Check for UPdates'
even if it tells you that you are up to date, run the check and confirm.
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