Problem while shrinking VM using the 15-minutes method

Jakub Kosmalski
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I followed the tutorial  "HOW TO: Shrink a VMware Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) in 15 minutes" to shrink my VM in ESXi 6.7 from 900GB to 300GB. Everything seems fine, however after moving the VM to a second Datastore and re-registering vSphere is still showing 900GB not shared and used storage. I selected "I moved it" during startup. The provisioned size seems fine (300GB). Why is the not shared and used storage still wrong and how can I fix it?
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is this just a cosmetic value, have you checked the datastore ?

and calculated the space ?

As for fix, use VMware Converter.


No, it wasn't just cosmetic. I had to go the VMware Converter way. Thanks!

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