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Undelete Text Messages

I have been asked to look at an Android phone where the text messages were deleted and see if I can get them back. The phone has not been used since the messages were deleted.
I see there are tools for purchase but was wondering if anyone has any experience with any free tools? I have seen some older questions like this here on EE but they were either iPhone or too old.
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This offering looks comprehensive and does not require that you root your phone (Good)

It had a number of good reviews.
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Sorry John I was asking for experience and free app. That one says you can look at the recovery options before you have to buy it to do anything.
I did not see any free as I was looking.
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Scott Fell
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Here is another option. It is about $50.

Dr. Fone is about $60 I think.

I would be inclined to invest the money to avoid rooting the phone.
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Well John that's why I asked if anyone had any experience. I already did a Google search myself.

Scott, I'll check and see if any sort of archive was turned on.

I did see the mention of rooting the phone in my research but didn't see any mention that there was a risk. Is that true?
Rooting someone else's phone may cause issues for the user because security is more easily compromised.
The only issue may be with the carrier.

It will be weighing budget, how badly/why texts need to be recovered and any consequences.  Check with the carrier terms page.
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Since this is for legal reasons  I'm going to recommend they get someone who has experience in data recovery to do this.